Garden Design that Grounds

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought we would highlight some garden design tips that inspire mindfulness and aid with grounding. Read on to hear how you can use a common grounding technique to design a tranquil garden along with Bloomin’ Easy plant recommendations to get you there!

Designing a Relaxing Outdoor Space

A common grounding technique that is used to help spiraling minds refocus and re-center is called the 54321 exercise. When we direct our attention to our senses, it engages the part of our brain responsible for decision-making and emotional regulation. Let’s use it as the basis for our garden design:

5 things you can observeSpend time really noticing the diversity of your garden:

  • Plant in layers creating various heights to draw your focus.
  • Create a focal point with bright colored plants.
  • Cover the garden with evergreens for a mind-soothing break.
  • Plant varieties of the same plant. Notice their unique differences.
  • Incorporate a bird-feeder to draw wildlife into your space. Take note of their behavior. 

4 things you can touch:

  • Sink into comfortable seating.
  • Enjoy a serotonin-boost of dirt.
  • Touch the frilly flower petals.
  • Feel the sun, soaking in some mood-boosting vitamin D.

3 things you can hear:

  • Add water elements to promote further mood boosting.
  • Plant shrubs that promote pollinators like hummingbirds and buzzing bees. 
  • Listen to the wind blowing through the foliage.

2 things you can smell:

  • Plant sweet-smelling flowers.
  • Breathe in the earthy smell of soil.

1 thing you can taste:

  • Plant edible flowers, herbs, and veggies. 

Bloomin’ Easy® Plant Products for a Tranquil Outdoor Space

Bloomin’ Easy® offers a variety of plant products that are not only absolutely beautiful but also hassle-free and easy to care for, making them perfect for creating a stress-free gardening experience. Here are some recommendations for promoting relaxation and well being:

Low Maintenance Shrubs: Spend less time worrying about plant health and more time focusing on your own health.

Birthday Cake™ Butterfly Bush

Grin and Tonic™ Reblooming Hydrangea

Privacy with Evergreens and Hedges:

Private Jet™ Arborvitae      

Thunderbolt® Box Honeysuckle