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Making Gardening Easier For You

Ever worry about killing your plants? Well, you’re not alone! Bloomin’ Easy® is on a mission to make gardening easier and more inviting through new and improved varieties and welcoming care support. Whether you’re new to plants or a master gardener that wants to learn more about exciting new varieties, Bloomin’ Easy Care+ is for you!

Bloomin’ Easy Care+ offers free added value to existing Bloomin’ Easy customers and nurtures our growing community of people who desire (and deserve!) all the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space without sacrificing their free time and busy lifestyles.

Easy to Care with the new BE Care+ App

Seasonal Care Reminders

Seasonal plant-specific care reminders with recommended, customizable schedules

Easy-to-follow Videos

Easy-to-follow how-to videos related to common plant care steps such as pruning, fertilizing and mulching

Track your plants progress

Journal your plant care and growing experience with notes and photos

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